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RE: [IP] Endo

hmm, certainly interesting. how can you know that endos are overrated if
you have never seen one?

I do agree with that you have to manage your diabetes (and I believe most
people here do that anyway) BUT things aren't always that easy and
straight forward. If you are lucky and get a doc or whoever who knows
lots about diabetes - congratulations - but if you don't have that person
or are generally new in town "endo" is a good first indicator/signal. I
think it helps to get another opinion or ideas occasionally. If there is
a problem I think it is - straight forward - ignorant to refuse to get
external help with it if "your own management" can't solve it. that what
endos are good for.


>From: email @ redacted (Jonathan Bayless)
>I have heard of endo's but have never met one. My primary care physician
>didn't know much about pumps, told me they aren't everything they said
>would be (I disagree, pumps make diabetes nearly forgetable).
>I contacted several pump companies, got the pamphlets & video! s, chose
>minimed, asked them to get me a pump, they recommended several doctors
to go
>see to get approved. The closest one is now my new PCP cause my
>will only let me have one & he isn't a specialist.
>I'm not quite sure what an endo does for you anyway. I certainly haven't
>seen one & am doing awesome. My PCP uses a pump & helps me change basal
>rates & such but really if you pay attention to your results you should
>able to figure basals & boluses out on your own. Manage your own
>Endo's are overrated :)
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