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Re: [IP] Flexible Spending Account?

My people said I could, but I'm still wondering about that....

>From IRS Pub 502
You can include only the medical and dental expenses you paid this year,
regardless of when the services were provided. (But see Decedent under Whose
Medical Expenses Can You Include, later, for an exception.) If you pay
medical expenses by check, the day you mail or deliver the check generally
is the date of payment. If you "pay-by-phone" or "on-line" account to pay
your medical expenses, the date reported on the statement of the financial
institution showing when payment was made is the date of payment. You can
include medical expenses you charge to your credit card in the year the
charge is made.   It does not matter when you actually pay the amount

I assume then that this would be considered a credit card charge -- however,
I'm not sure it matters, since the Flexible Spending Account is limited to
203.88 per month.  Between prescription meds, OTC stuff, doctor copays,
contact lens, and 15% of diabetic supplies, etc., I think I'll hit that.

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> "Kathleen Weaver" <email @ redacted> wrote:
> But here's a question that I bet someone here can answer.
> I purchased my pump in August, paying half of it on receiving it and am
>  paying the other half in monthly payments. I can put those payments in
> Flexible spending account next year, even though the purchase was this
year, but
> still making payments?
> Kathleen and others:
>  First off, YMMV, but when I purchased my pump, I was told by the manager
of the
> company handling our flexible spending account; that I could only apply
> monthly payments i made to pump company only for the calendar year in
which i
> had purchased the pump. In other words I purhcased the pump in March 2001
> could only apply the down payment and monthly payments that I made in the
> calendar year of 2001. and not during the calendar year of 2002.
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