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Re: [IP] Endo

I saw an endo yesterday for the first time in my 46 years of being a 
 diabetic. He seemed like a nice person. LOL - likes pumps and "seems" to know a
bit about them.  We had a chat about how things were when I was diagnosed in 
 1957. I had forgotten about the glass syringes that had to be boiled. However
he didn't tell me anything I didn't already know.  Basically after a lot of 
questions, he said "I am impressed at how well you have done. You are doing a 
very good job.  Keep it up.  Can you come back in 3 months?"  

Kind of makes me wonder why I would need an endo.  My family practice doctor 
knows a lot about diabetes, but not about pumps.  When he sent me to the 
 Diabetes Center at a local hospital about 4 years ago, I met my CDE and a
who know more about diabetes than anyone else I have ever known. They taught 
me everything I need to know and are on the cutting edge of technology.  I 
would page my CDE if I had an diabetes-related emergency; she is not a medical 
doctor (although she does have a PHD) but she is the one I would trust with my 

BC/BS of IL has to pay for diabetes education because Illinois law says they 
must, however they seem to frown on my seeng anyone other than a medical 
doctor for diabetes management.  Just shows that they definitely need some 
 education themselves. I still think my seeing an endo is a waste of my time and
waste of BC/BS's money.

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