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Re: [IP] Now What??

Don, I am no expert, me, who needs to redo basal testing, But, IMO,
You need higher basal rate, then recheck insulin/ carb ratio, if 
necessary, so correction boluses will be more effective, higher 
insulin/carb. I think site probably good.   Linda K

>Yesterday, after 2 set changes, last one at 3PM.
>3pm    glu  181    bolus  1.0
>4pm             198
>6pm             238                1.0
>7:30pm        269                2.5
>8:30pm        276
>9:30pm        259                1.0
>10:30pm       253
>11:30pm       275
>This is where I said 'to hell with it ' and went to bed!
>This morning at
>6am       glu  162
>730am           178        bolus  0.5
>845am            187
>10am              146
>12N                  131  carbs 70  bolus 2.0
>3pm                  375                    bolus 2.0
>If my last site was bad last night , it should be bad this morning!
>Basals=   12a= 0.5     3a= 0.4    6a= 0.7
>Until yesterday, insulin to carb= 1:30
>                              correction       =  1:90
>Any ideas, suggestions,  wild ass guesses, would be appreciated.
>(about to see if the MM511 will float)
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