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[IP] Re: treating Hashimoto's disease

 Find another endo ASAP! My endo, who is clinical professor at a major research
and teaching university med center, said that the minute my TSH goes even a tiny
bit above normal that she would instantly put me on thyroid medication. I'm just
starting to develop Hashimoto's (nodules, antibodies in the 500's, last TSH at
3.9 (upper end of range is 4.0), but no actual symptoms yet). Not treating
thyroid disease can affect your heart and lots of other things. Please get a
second opinion from another endo. Pam

<I have one doctor (Endo) telling me not 
treat Hashimoto's Thyroiditis even if I have symptoms.  Another doctor 
I should be treated but does not want to go against what the Endo is 
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