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RE: [IP] Re: 3-minute delivery

I changed the battery at the 2-1/2 month mark because I didn't want to hear
that siren and have all the dogs barking and howling again. I do wish they
would give you the option of shutting that feature off for more things. I
don't ever want it going off again and it has nothing to do with
paranoia....something to do with a free-for-all and my ears. :) Oh, and the
battery was still good, I just decided I better not push my luck.


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24 Oct 2003 14:47:46 -0500Subject: RE: [IP] Re: 3-minute deliveryI can't
to the difference between MM, Cozmo or Animas as a userbecause this is my
pump, however, it is really going smoothly and I ammore than pleased with

 AMEN to that....as I told my Animas rep yesterday when I called HER to tell
I had seen my endo and he was pleased with where I was, the only noises I
had out of my pump was my suspend alarm, my cartridge low alarm and ONE
occlusion alarm back in Aug. And that took me all of 5 mins to figure out
was happening and fix. I did change my batteries ahead but only because I am
touch paranoid. I did that at the 8 week mark on the batteries. Liz

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