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RE: [IP] Re: 3-minute delivery

Laura, I also do not require lots of insulin, and that one of the reasons I
discounted any MM product. When my endocrinologist asked me why I chose the
pump I did, I told him that I preferred the smaller, more frequent delivery
since I do not use lots of insulin. His reply; "good point".
I can't speak to the difference between MM, Cozmo or Animas as a user
because this is my first pump, however, it is really going smoothly and I am
more than pleased with the results.


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Hello George and everyone who has made this dramatic change:

That's really interesting! And it's exactly what I want to know about as I
consider switching from my Minimed to Animas or Cosmo. I'm quite insulin
sensitive and .5 unit basal rate increments and more frequent deliveries
might make a difference for me. Can you describe what you noticed with
3-minute basal delivery and what changes you had to get adjusted to?
Inquiring minds want to know!

Laura G.

At 09:40 AM 10/23/2003 -0700, you wrote:
>Going from the Minimed to a pump that does a basal delivery every 3
>minutes can be quite a dramatic change.  It takes some weeks to get
>adjusted to the different type of delivery.  14.7 units daily on a MM
>is not anything like 14.7 units on any other pump.  Be fair to
>Deltec.  Otherwise you are setting yourself up for a decision based
>upon corrupt data.
>George   JMO
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