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Re: [IP] Re: 3-minute delivery

On 24 Oct 2003 at 14:29, Laura Gulley <email @ redacted> wrote:

> Hello George and everyone who has made this dramatic change:
> That's really interesting! And it's exactly what I want to know about
> as I consider switching from my Minimed to Animas or Cosmo. I'm quite
> insulin sensitive and .5 unit basal rate increments and more frequent
> deliveries might make a difference for me. Can you describe what you
> noticed with 3-minute basal delivery and what changes you had to get
> adjusted to? Inquiring minds want to know!

The dramatic change for me was going from a basal every 12 hours or so (NPH or 
 Ultralente) to the every 3 minute basal. The basal insulin is very important
for me and it's
 frequency, I believe, helps in my control. When I go into my "highs" periods, I
up the basal
 percentage to control the highs. Boluses for some reason, do not have the same
effect as
 an increased basal. But that is not answering your question, which is "what
difference will
 I see changing from the 0.1 basal to the every 3 minute type?" That I cannot
answer for
 YMMV and I never used insulin in a MM pump. My understanding about the change
is that
 many would lower their basal amount, but I'm sure there are some that actually
 theirs. Was that all an effect of changing to the 3 minute basal? YMMV, just

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