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Re: [IP] Opinions on the Paradigm upgrade

Just to let you know as soon as they replaced my BD monitor, I've only had
about 2 E-3's in the last 6 weeks. I absolutely love having the bolus wizard
and you can't utilize this feature without the BD Link monitor.
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Sent: Friday, October 24, 2003 8:59 AM
Subject: [IP] Opinions on the Paradigm upgrade

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> Speaking of the Flexible Spending Account, I have to now figure my dollar
> figure for next years expenses.  I am strongly contemplating putting in
> $500 to cover the new Paradigm upgrade.   However.....I would love input
> from those already on it.   I completely dislike and do not trust the BD
> monitor.  I've had too many troubles with it.  Therefore, I would not use
> that monitor.    So...for those of you out there who purchased the
> Paradigm upgrade........is it worth it??     If not using the BD monitor
> with it would you still recommend it?   Does anyone out there wish
> they DIDN'T purchase it?   This is for my 9 year old daughter.     As
> always, I appreciate your help!
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