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RE: [IP] Endo

 Talk to your Primary Dr about going at it without an Endo ... there are no
Endos in my town so when I contacted Animas they agreed to work with my Primary
and we aren't using an Endo. Working out fine so far and there is no way I would
go back to shots even after pumping for only a month.

Bill French <email @ redacted> wrote:

>Just thought I would post about my wife's Traumatic couple of weeks in
>regards to her Endo. Her Endo told her a couple of weeks ago that he was
>leaving, moving to South Carolina I think. We immediately got her Primary
>Dr. and the Endo to try to get her in to the other Endo practice in town.
>Last week they denied her as a patient, said their practice was full. She
>called her primary Dr. and his nurse told her "well you may have to go back
>on shots". Had her in tears. I told her that GOING BACK TO SHOTS IS NOT AN
>OPTION!!! I called our MM rep and asked her about Endows in Tulsa, about a 2
>hr drive and she recommended Dr. Hanson (does anyone on the list use him?).
>She says he is very knowledgeable about pumps and her nurse has just
>switched to him.
>Good news is we have an appointment Dec. 9th.
>Bill French
>Supervisor, Customer Service
>Data-Tronics Corp.
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