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Re: [IP] Lancet changing day


Sunday already has church (YMMV) and football/baseball/basketball watching
on tv.  Let's please don't add anything else to it  :-)  But really, I only
change when mine seems to be getting dull, or about every 3 or 4 months.
Sometimes, I don't change until Daylight savings switch in fall and/or


Subject: Re: [IP] Lancet changing day

>George, great idea! Brings a question to my mind. Just how often do most
>change their lancets, I only do that probably every 2 weeks or so. Would be
>nice to hear about everyone else. Maybe we should make every Sunday Lancet
>change day not sure, maybe you all do this already Thanks for any input in
>Patty/Buttons, paradigm 511 for 13 mos, pumping 5 years, D for 43 years
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