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[IP] Re: diabetic label

From: Laura Fleagle email @ redacted

I remember when someone who I'd known for awhile but who didn't know I had
diabetes saw my pump and asked about it, and I told him it was an insulin
pump and that I have diabetes, he looked surprised and said something like
"Oh....well you control it very well". Well, I try (LOL) -- but I wondered
what led him to that conclusion? He certainly didn't know anything about
my bg readings, A1C, or anything else that would tell him how well I was
"controlling" it. Did he say that because I hadn't been in the hospital in
the time he'd known me? Because I don't generally look "sick"? Because I
don't talk about it a lot (I tend to be pretty private about a lot of
things, not just my diabetes)? Anyway, I wasn't offended by his remark,
but I thought it was interesting.

Laura, I get this comment all the time or it's corrolary, "Wow, you don't
even look sick!" lol  It cracks me up!  I suppose it's a backwards
compliment, but it always sounds humorous to me.  Makes one wonder what sort
of picture folks have in their minds of what a person with diabetes should
look like - and it makes me glad to be able to break down those stereotypes,
even though it's been through God's grace and not my own "control" for sure!

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