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Re: [IP] Re: diabetic label

I totally understand what you both mean by having people say, "so you must
be under control" or "you don't look like you have diabetes" and "oh, my
aunt has it way worse than you". Yes, these kinds of statements can really
be frustrating. I started trying to just realize that it's because our world
is not educated about diabetes and it seems that it's taking a long time to
teach them about it. So I use these experiences to inform people about why I
don't look like a diabetic or why your aunt seems like she has it worse than
I do. Just because you don't have any real physical evidence that you have
diabetes doesn't mean that you don't have to work just as hard as everyone
else or even harder.  Don't lose your will to keep trying, it's so worth it
everyone, that's why we are pumpers!
>  <<I told him it was an insulin pump and that I have diabetes, he looked
> surprised and said something like "Oh....well you control it very well".
>  My son was diagnosed two years ago @ 20 mos. old. The response I always
get is:
> "Do you have his diabetes under control now?" Yeah, Right! Just like I
> the weather, the sunrise & the cost of living! Control? What's that?
>  I say "no, we react to his bg levels on a constant basis" Insulin is not
> cure.
> Shelley
> --
> Mom to Joshua, 3, dx'd. @ 20 mos.-Pumping Cozmo 6/03 & Jessie, 22
> western Massachusetts
> --
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