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Re: [IP] Another Newspaper Article

You know, it's all in your way of look at it.  You might see it
differently if you had a young child with Type 1 and had been told a few
times that the child could be cured if he followed a better diet,
exercised more, or took better care of himself.  It's not the adults it
hurts as much as it does the kids.  My child, in fact, was told by more
than one teacher that he could be cured if he ate more vegetables.  

It's not us we need to educate, but the general public.  How many people
will read this article in a large metropolitan newspaper and take it
very literally, not knowing there is more than one type of diabetes?  This
was my whole point.

Judi in MI
email @ redacted
> people lets not be so quick to 
 > jump all over something read carefully and yes as diabetics we understand
> is meant here, those not familar with the diesease may not, but this is not 
> worth an arguement. 
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