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[IP] Re: insulin-pumpers-digest V7 #597

I have been wondering the same thing, beleive me, I have tried everything
I can to get that extra 15 - 25 units into that cartridge but have had no
luck it is just stuck between 275 - 285.  It seems so silly to be worried
about that little amount, but between the added time and / or bolus
possiblity and the fact that its the principle of the thing, its rather
annoying to not have it do what it says its suppose to.


>From: email @ redacted >Subject: [IP] Animas Priming Question > >
This is probably a stupid question that all the other Animas pumpers know
how >to do, but I'm stumped. My Animas info says the reservior will hold
315 units of >insulin, now by looking at the whole thing I am assuming it
means that reservior >and tubing holds 315 units .. but by the time I
fill and prime I have about >275-285 in the reservior .. I would like to
be able to head out the door with >300 usable units in the reservior as I
use an average of 100 units a day and it >would be nice to have it last 3
days without having to top it off before I'm >done. Could someone please
fill me in on how to do that? > >Rhonda & Pough (Blue Animas)


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