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[IP] Re: diabetic label

>When they find out, the remarks are as follows.  Really you are diabetic or
>you have diabetes you must really got it under control, you don't seem to be
>diabetic.    LOL.  give me a break.   Let's all get a stamp on our 
>the diabetic insignia, I go for a syringe logo and a vial insulin. LOL.

I remember when someone who I'd known for awhile but who didn't know I had 
diabetes saw my pump and asked about it, and I told him it was an insulin 
pump and that I have diabetes, he looked surprised and said something like 
"Oh....well you control it very well".  Well, I try (LOL) -- but I wondered 
what led him to that conclusion?  He certainly didn't know anything about 
my bg readings, A1C, or anything else that would tell him how well I was 
"controlling" it.  Did he say that because I hadn't been in the hospital in 
the time he'd known me?  Because I don't generally look "sick"?  Because I 
don't talk about it a lot (I tend to be pretty private about a lot of 
things, not just my diabetes)?  Anyway, I wasn't offended by his remark, 
but I thought it was interesting.

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