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RE: [IP] Fixed prime, trouble with the MM512

Ryan, here's an easy fix to this one. After you prime the qikset tubing,
take your finger off the ACT button, and don't touch any other buttons,
You should see "press esc when done" go ahead and insert your infusion set
Etc, then press escape, then go to the fixed prime screen, and do the fixed


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 I don't have the 512...I have the 511...but I'll assume the menus are
in this point.

 Press "Act", then scroll to the "Prime" menu. In the Prime menu there is a
"Fixed prime" option. On the 511, it is directly below the Rewind menu

 But, I do admit, I wish MM had made the time to do your fixed prime a bit
longer. Currently it is set to 2 minutes before the screen goes blank. I
miss the mark by just a few seconds. I think a 3 minute timeout would have
just perfect. (I guess I take a bit too long inserting the QuickSet. :-)

 Anyhow, if worse comes to worse, you could always just bolus the .3 or .5
(depending on your infusion set)...but the problem is then the insulin is
into the amount it thinks you bolused.


>I rewind do all that, I prime, insert.  But somehow if I'm not quick
 >the screen disappears, and I cannot get to the fixed prime, I press Esc.
And I
>end up having to start all over, it has happened several times, I end up 
 > rewinding, while I'm connected, and press prime, for about .1 then Esc.
>go to
>fixed prime.  I have not figured out how to get to fixed prime, once my 
>screen clears because I have let time pass by.
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