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Re: [IP] Binging (was the diabetic label)

> What have people done to break this habit? I've gone through periods of
> eating well, exercising, and doing programs like Weight Watchers and even
> counseling, but nothing seems to be working in terms of long-term eating
> well. And even the threat of complications isn't enough to keep it at bay

I've done some work on binging myself.  I know mine is caused by being
denied things, and by lack of sleep (I eat to stay awake).

I work hard at keeping regular hours.  I also work very hard at satisfying
cravings as soon as they happen.  The more I deny myself, the worse the
binge gets.

Another thing that helps is to have acceptable binge foods around.  I played
this game for a long time.  Keep lots of ready made salad stuff around and
binge on that first, then work your way to less acceptable foods.  Usually I
can stop at the salad.  Sometimes I need to go all the way to proteins.
Especially if I'm tired.  I'm usually full long before I hit carbs.
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