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[IP] US <-> Australia & Dawn Phenomenon?

Re: Large timezone changes, while also having a large dawn phenomenon...

My employer is considering sending me on a business trip to Australia,
which is about 8 hours difference from my home timezone in Colorado.
I've traveled within the US many times, and haven't had to deal with
pump timezone changes much.

But, considering my normal daytime basal is ~0.2-3u/hr, and jumps to ~0.8u/hr
at 3am,  I would expect some potential hassles until my body had adjusted to
the new timezone.   I don't want to go hypo when I least expect it - or
worse - while I'm sleeping!  I'll be traveling alone...

Has anyone gone thru this?  How long does it take your body's clock to
get in sync with another timezone?  Any stories would be appreciated.


Kevin WB0DPN
email @ redacted
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