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[IP] Binging (was the diabetic label)


I wanted to expand on something mentioned about binging in response to
being told not to eat certain things. I have been doing this for years, and
going on a pump (three years ago) has made it easier to simply eat a bag of
candy (because for so long I was told not to) and bolus, which sometimes
keeps my sugars in good ranges, but just about always keeps extra weight

What have people done to break this habit? I've gone through periods of
eating well, exercising, and doing programs like Weight Watchers and even
counseling, but nothing seems to be working in terms of long-term eating
well. And even the threat of complications isn't enough to keep it at bay
for me, as I've lived 26 years as a Type 1, most of the time I had all
sorts of ups and downs, and my complications have really been minimal to
none, which leads me to think genetics play a big factor.

Any suggestions or advice?



Date: Thu, 23 Oct 2003 13:32:38 -0300
From: "BertnSue" <email @ redacted>
Subject: [IP] re the diabetic label

Thank you for the good chuckle Rhonda! I live a 12 hour drive from my Mum. I
was 25, am now in my 50s. I visit a couple of times a year. It took a long
time for me to realize that I was reacting to being told I couldn't eat
something by binging in secret. Wasn't hurting anyone but me! The best one
was when she baked my favorite cake and then told me I couldn't have a
piece!  I wonder how I'd react if either of my children get diabetes!?! By
the way, I must be an exception to prove the rule. Gestational diabetes
twice, type 1 two years later. I have a neighbour who was gestational once,
type 1, then another pregnancy. I got the good end of the stick that time!
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