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[IP] the diabetic label

 >I don't really notice it if someone labels me as a diabetic UNLESS they say
 >"You're Diabetic and you shouldn't eat that." Although I realize they are
 >uninformed, coming from the Neanderthal Age or other; it still annoys me.
 >I realize I'm diabetic ,but resent others assuming that I'm in need of their

Oh forget that !!!!! (and we've also discussed "being told", already, so, 
lets not start that one up again)
ME... I LOVE that.... thats like opening the Door, to the lions cage.....

best of all, i love telling them "YES I CAN" (i needed to shout that, i may 
just do it again...........)
"YES I CAN".....(that felt good)

They  may know someone like me (not all Toooo much, for their sake),
who, if they only knew, might be pumping tomorrow....., and i do feel a 
little evangelistic about that.....
so they get told...

Some of you, would be amazed, how many long time (let me be careful here)
"People inflicted the disease called Diabetes M-something-or-other"
(did i do ok ??), are unaware of the pump....

I Personally, take the so called "guidance" as "honest concern"...
if theyre attempting to "show me, what they Think they know"....
well....... "that aint happenin' "      (ah-oh... an apostrophe... just 
where did that come from ???)
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