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Re: [IP] The diabetic label

 There are linguistic reasons to your rhetorical questions. Those words don't
lend themselves to be adjectives-cum-nouns. There are plenty of medical terms
that "label" in a similar manner as diabetics...but not all. Diabetes is so
prolific that it also has lent itself to a "shortcut".

 What is the definition of "diabetic"? WHen used as an adjective, it means
someone or something related to having diabetes (i.e., diabetic coma). When used
as a noun, it means a person with diabetes. So, if I'm called a "diabetic" it is
the SAME thing as saying I'm a "person with diabetes". They are synonyms by
intended to categorize and label.

 Doctors don't refer to "stroketics", but they do refer to "stroke victims".
Some might protest and say, "No! They are person who has suffered a stroke".
Yeah...and I'd say, politely back, "Exactly...a stroke victim." Can you imagine
if doctors and people in general had to always use the most descriptive/verbose
way of saying things?

 I hate to break to everyone...but you are all diabetics! (Well, okay...not
everyone...but everyone here with diabetes.)


>In this time of all the anonymous programs, maybe its not so uncommon to call
>people who they are by their illnesses. (Alcoholic, complusive eater, 
>gambler, etc.) On the other hand, how come, like someone said, we don't call
>people with cancer, "cancertics,", or people who have had 
>strokes, "stroketics,"
>or people with digestive problems, "digestics"? (Just a little humor with the
>last one.)
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