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Re: [IP] the diabetic label

 I have no problems whatsoever with being called a "diabetic". Frankly, I get
annoyed by diabetics who insist to NOT be referred to as diabetic. :-) THere was
a conversation on this list many months back about this.

 Some prefer, "person with diabetes", or something similar. Regardless of how
you call it, the end result is the same...it simply communicates that you have

 ANY label does not define me...but, rather, categorizes me. I'm just as much a
diabetic as I am a father, son, software engineer, coaster enthusiast, musician.
Each label is used in context for a certain purpose.

 So, if someone wants to call me a "diabetic"...go for it! Regardless of the
total correctness from a language standpoint, it has become known as a known
meaning a "person with diabetes". In fact, my dictionary lists "diabetic" as
both an adjective AND a noun. :-)


>Any of you who share my dislike in being called
>"diabetic",could you help me out here?(although I'm
>not trying to start a war here,I know fellow rebels do
>exist..most people have no problems with the D label
>but the purpose of this email is not to incite
>anyone,believe me)Do you set everyone straight,(on why
>you don't like being called that)or just
>friends/family members?It would help to know I'm not
>alone,I HATE,HATE,HATE,being called "diabetic" by
>anyone + have problems not expressing that to anyone
>who does so.
>          Heidi(5 yrs D and 2.5 yrs pumping)
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