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[IP] Re: Cozmo pump colors

I don't know about the statement that the Ocean Blue is being discontinued but
what I do know is that yesterday my Ocean Blue Cozmo had a problem where my
touch bolus button fell off.  I called Deltec and at 9am this morning I had on
my door via Fed Ex a brand new in the box with the starter kit "Ice Blue"
Pump.  I was told yesterday when I talked to the Nurse at Deltec that the
Ocean Blue pumps were currently not available.  I did question the nurse about
the issues talked about here on IP about the Ice Blue having problems due to
being translucent and she said that problem had been fixed.  I was told they
now have a shield over the area that was overheating and the problem has been
resolved.  So I guess time will tell.  I got my Ocean Blue pump in the
beginning of May 2003 and the pump had a manufacture date of 4-2003 on the
back.  This pump I got today has a manufacture date of 10-2003 and the serial
number is more then 4000 higher.  I hope this means they are improving things.
One other note.. this new pump has what seems to be a better textured key pad.
I was noticing that the buttons were starting to wear on my Ocean blue pump
and this new Ice blue one seems to be made of a tougher material.. Overall
this is not a bad color.. just going to take a bit of getting used to the
brighter color... I had gone from Blue Htron Plus pumps to my first cozmo.. so
I guess I have now experienced three shades of Blue.. I know this seems stupid
to some people to be sitting here talking about the color of a pump.  My
husband says I should just be thankful I have one that works!  I guess I am..
I just like that I can be choosey to pick a color too.. Oh well just thought I
would let you know my experience.

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