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[IP] exercise

 I thought I'd chime in on the exercise thing. Usually I reduce my basal by 0.1
about an hour and a half before exercise (My basals are 0.4-0.6). Then I can
usually exercise without needing any excess carbs. If I don't get a chance to
turn down my basal before-hand, I just eat extra carbs....I can easily drop 100
points in about 30 minutes if I am doing anything strenuous. I also make a
conscious effort not to exercise for at least 2-3 hours after a meal bolus
because that means I will be dropping even more once I get going due to the
insulin still in my system.

 One exception is working out in the morning. If I do this, I usually do not
reduce my basal and do not eat any carbs and I am fine. Sometimes I even go a
little higher than where I started! YMMV


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