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Re: [IP] Continuous BG Monitor

 I haven't used it...but if I were able to, I would make sure that my goal is
not to try to come up with the best overall numbers during those 3 days...but to
test the most problematic scenarios for me so that I can get a more accurate
picture of what's going on in order to help prevent it.

 For example, I would take one morning to eat my problematic "BK Breakfast meal"
and see exactly what happens in minute detail...such as when does the rise
actually start that I experience, etc. This would help in coming up with a plan
to fix it before it happens.

 If I'm experiencing lows, I would certainly not do anything to "prevent" those
lows in the sense that since I know I tend to go low at a certain time, I eat
something to prevent it which I normally wouldn't do until AFTER it is low.

 Finally, I would make sure I document EVERYTHING in detail for those 3
days...for food, I would log carbs, fiber, protein, and fat of everything as
best I can, as well any out-of-the-ordinary activity, etc.

Good luck!


>Hi, after a few low BG levels, one while driving, my endo. has
>recommended that I go on the continuous BG monitor, for a few days, next
>week. I'm all for it, but looking for tips or experiences that may help
>the process. Has anybody out there used the 3 day meter? Thanks, Larry 
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