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Re: [IP] insulin duration MM512

On 22 Oct 2003 at 11:17, Adele Morgan wrote:

>  Lynn from MiniMed called me. There isn't a way that she is aware of to reset
> the duration of the Humalog. She said it's based on the degredation curve
> determined from research. She said the Deltec pump ability to adjust the
> length of action is based on a linear curve, not based on the research. 

 The way I look at this is that the Cozmo users will base it on their OWN
research, not on
 what someone else says, so MM's argument doesn't particularly wash with me. All
of the
 "medical research" in the world still is not as good as a persons own
 particularly if they are diabetic. As my Endo says to me "you are your own best
and we all know, YMMV!      ;>)

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