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Re: [IP] Cozmo trial

>This is for anyone out there who has a cozmo or has done a trial of the
>  Cozmo. I am currently using the Paradigm pump, but am interested in 
>the Cozmo.
>I have been waiting for the local rep to get a loaner pump so that I can do a
>trial.  I have been waiting for about three weeks.  Well, they finally got it
>back Friday, but the rep was out of town.  He calls today and tells me that
>  Deltec is not letting anyone put insulin in the loaner pumps, but 
>he can let me
>have it for a few days to fool around with.  How will this help me if I can't
>see how it works by using it?  I thought that I had read here that people had
>done trials with insulin on the Cozmo.  Was I mistaken?  I would hate to buy
>  this pump without doing a trial. I told him that I heard of people doing a
>run with the Cozmo and he said that this was a brand new policy.  Does anyone
>know about this and can you offer me any suggestions?  Thank you for any

Yeah, Don't Do It!!!   I've had 5 years experience on two different 
pumps but when I get a "loaner" to try out I put water in it (who 
wants to infuse saline, I'm not dehydrated!)

I cut the tubing short so that it will just drip (hopefully not in an 
embarrassing place) and I do the same boluses, rate changes and 
general pump operation as I do on the one that is still infusing 
insulin.  This way I have an immediate comparison of what each 
requires.   There is NO WAY to fairly compare the control of two 
different pumps except under clinical conditions for a much longer 
time than a "loaner" is loaned out for.  All you want to know is 
"does this pump operate in a way I feel comfortable with"   And 
unless you suffer from "Carpal Thumb Syndrome", the number of key 
presses is a non-issue IMO.

Going from the Minimed to a pump that does a basal delivery every 3 
minutes can be quite a dramatic change.  It takes some weeks to get 
adjusted to the different type of delivery.  14.7 units daily on a MM 
is not anything like 14.7 units on any other pump.  Be fair to 
Deltec.  Otherwise you are setting yourself up for a decision based 
upon corrupt data.

George   JMO
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