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[IP] Cozmo loaner pump

 Sharee, I would never suggest your doing this, but ----- how would anyone know
what you put in your reservoir (insulin or saline.) I have a Cozmo ordered,
sounds like a good pump. Let us hear how you like it.


Date: Wed, 22 Oct 2003 22:28:17 EDT
From: email @ redacted
Subject: [IP] Cozmo trial

This is for anyone out there who has a cozmo or has done a trial of the 
 Cozmo. I am currently using the Paradigm pump, but am interested in the Cozmo.
have been waiting for the local rep to get a loaner pump so that I can do a 
trial.  I have been waiting for about three weeks.  Well, they finally got it 
back Friday, but the rep was out of town.  He calls today and tells me that 
  Deltec is not letting anyone put insulin in the loaner pumps, but he can let
have it for a few days to fool around with.  How will this help me if I can't 
see how it works by using it?  I thought that I had read here that people had 
done trials with insulin on the Cozmo.  Was I mistaken?  I would hate to buy 
 this pump without doing a trial. I told him that I heard of people doing a
run with the Cozmo and he said that this was a brand new policy.  Does anyone 
know about this and can you offer me any suggestions?  Thank you for any 
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