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[IP] The diabetic label

 Glad you brought up the subject of being labeled "diabetic", Rhonda. I've had
Type 1 for about 5 years (misdx. as type 2 for a few of those,) and I work in
healthcare. Those are the people I'd like to raise the consciousness of. I'll
sometimes sit in meetings, and when a nurse says, "she's a diabetic,", I'll say,
"you mean, this is a person with diabetes?" and usually they get the point. And
I'll also say, "the person is not their illness."

 In this time of all the anonymous programs, maybe its not so uncommon to call
people who they are by their illnesses. (Alcoholic, complusive eater, complusive
gambler, etc.) On the other hand, how come, like someone said, we don't call
people with cancer, "cancertics,", or people who have had strokes, "stroketics,"
or people with digestive problems, "digestics"? (Just a little humor with the
last one.)
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