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RE: [IP] Flexible Spending Account?

 Be advised to be careful not to OVER allocate to your Flexible Spending
Account. If you end up not spending it all, you can't get the money back. So, if
you allocate $3000 for a year, and end up spending $2500, you can't get that
$500 back. I've ALWAYS underestimated, but I'd rather do that then overestimate.
Not to mention, I'm pretty bad at remembering to keep receipts! :-)

Good luck!


>And I assume I should include my part of the
>prescriptions, any sleep apneaequipment I might want or need, and copays for
 >doctor's visits?THANKS!What other expenses should I budget for in that

Liz added:
> Kathleen, John's right....one of the best way's to find out what you need is 
>go to last year's medical expenses from your taxes and add up what you spent 
>of pocket (and add what you know you will spend this coming year) and then add
>.5-10% as a fudge factor. That's how my husband and I did it and we were still
>UNDER budget by over $300. I hope this helps. Liz
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