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RE: [IP] the diabetic label

 I understand not wanting to be called diabetic ... I can not tell you how many
times my brother and I have walked into a room at a function where my mother was
only to hear my mother say "Oh, and here is my son, Rick, and my daughter, The
Diabetic." My brother and I just look at each other then he will grin because he
knows that I am biting my tongue." I don't think my mom has introduced me by my
name since my diagnoses. And my husband gets the biggest kick out of watching me
bite my tongue when we take her to a restaurant because she ALWAYS makes a point
of telling the waiter before we order, "Oh, and by the way, SHE <pointing to me>
is a diabetic, takes insulin to keep from dying. So don't give her anything with
sugar in it." I just thank God that since it seems I had to develope type 1
diabetes it waited until I was 20 to happen because could you imagine that woman
taking care of a child with diabetes? I'm 43 now and she still will grab a stick
of gum out of my hand in route to my mouth to check to see if it is sugar free.
I used to give her reading material and explain things, I might as well have
been talking to the wall. I live 612 1/2 miles away from her now and visit for 4
days every spring. For those 4 days ... I am The Diabetic .. the other 361 ... I
am Rhonda.
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