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RE: [IP] the diabetic label

Well Heidi, now when someone refers to you as a diabetic you can correct
them with either "metabolically challenged" or "Pancreatically Inhibited" if
the diabetic label offends you.
We can't always change our circumstances but we can try to maybe look at the
circumstances a different way. I, for one, had to fight to get the label of
"diabetic" and I'm glad I finally
won that label instead of "a case of nerves", "stomach flu", "food
poisoning", or "gallbladder
problems"....or "it's all in your head"! Now that I have the correct label
and the correct treatment I don't get any of those other things
anymore.....no more vomiting, no more feeling sick all the time, no more
sleeping my life away because I can't stay awake....I really feel great now.
I think what does bother me most is the ignorance of this disease by the
general population, even some diabetics I know that think they can take
pills and eat anything they want except for sugar! Now that you're armed
with two good corrective comebacks, go have some fun with it.....I


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Any of you who share my dislike in being called
"diabetic",could you help me out here?(although I'm
not trying to start a war here,I know fellow rebels do
exist..most people have no problems with the D label
but the purpose of this email is not to incite
anyone,believe me)Do you set everyone straight,(on why
you don't like being called that)or just
friends/family members?It would help to know I'm not
alone,I HATE,HATE,HATE,being called "diabetic" by
anyone + have problems not expressing that to anyone
who does so.
          Heidi(5 yrs D and 2.5 yrs pumping)

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