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Re: [IP] the diabetic label

Ok, I understand not liking the term, but we are diabetic, and if that
is the worst thing I am refered to as then I am ok with that.  As a
critical care nurse, and used to be ER nursethat is one of the first
questions we ask, simply because so many problems can stem from it.  Oh
by the way, yes I have been diabetic for 28 years so i get both sides. 
I think sometimes we need to choose our battles carefully.  This one
seems to be pretty minor to me, but that is just my opinion.  I am
comfortable with being diabetic and I don't hide it, if we hide it how
can we expect others to be knowledgable about it.   Scott H.

please don't slam me too hard for this one.

>>> email @ redacted 10/22/03 18:36 PM >>>
Any of you who share my dislike in being called
"diabetic",could you help me out here?(although I'm
not trying to start a war here,I know fellow rebels do
exist..most people have no problems with the D label
but the purpose of this email is not to incite
anyone,believe me)Do you set everyone straight,(on why
you don't like being called that)or just
friends/family members?It would help to know I'm not
alone,I HATE,HATE,HATE,being called "diabetic" by
anyone + have problems not expressing that to anyone
who does so.         
          Heidi(5 yrs D and 2.5 yrs pumping)

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