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[IP] 50 Year Addiction to Insulin

insulin-pumpers-digest <email @ redacted> wrote: 

 This October marks 50 yrs (10/53)of my taking daily insulin. I have stayed at
40 units + or - 5units for that time All my body's functions, eys, kidneys,
heart have stayed normal. My endocrinologist wants my BS levels up a little so
A1C is at 8.2.

 I told my wife 46 years ago when we were married that I would probably only
live 6 to 10 years and now she wants to call my bet. (That is what one Dr. told
me back then.) I guess I have turned out to be a LONG SHOT.

I will will answer any questions that are sent to me if my Email will work.

Charles Soderstrom DDS  <casoderstrom @sbcglobal.net>
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