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Re: [IP] RE:Weight gain while sick

I can speak from an experienced person who use 150 units per day right now.
You gain weight with insulin. I have cutback food intake  and still gaining
weight( Type 2 )
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Sent: Wednesday, October 22, 2003 2:42 PM
Subject: [IP] RE:Weight gain while sick

> >>Strangely, I've gained FIVE pounds in this period. I find this VERY odd.
> Could it be because I've been getting so much extra insulin for the high
> sugars I've been having??????????????? I'm freaking out! I'm wondering if
> has happened to anyone, and if their weight eventually stabalized! Please
> respond.
> > five pounds in four days is probably fluid retention. it is unlikely you
> could add body mass in any other manner so
email @ redacted<
> I agree with Michael. Also, have you seen your MD? The weight gain might
> related to the illness, and possibly to the increased insulin, ir fluid
> electrolyte imbalances. This is a medical question to be solved by your
> physician.
> Hope you feel better, soon.
> BarbaraB.
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