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Re: [IP] the diabetic label

At 9:25 PM -0600 10/22/03, CM Ullom wrote:
>If you wish to correct, up to you. But I find it easier to educate make
>folks aware of the disease than to tell them they are wrong. Give them
>brownie points for at least knowing something about it..  Guess that's why I
>don't care if my tubing is hanging out for all to see.  It's a good
>conversational piece, and in turn I hope to share info about the pump.
>I've helped several friends, and those who know me who have someone else in
>their lives turn towards pumping.

Excellent point, Christene, about making it public.   I get a happy 
glow when I am able to open another diabetic (or person with diabetes 
for the sensitive ones out there) to what a pump can mean.  I feel 
like I've been a part of the "conversion" of at least a dozen people 
(maybe more, but I don't mean to hog credit) and that gives me that 
feeling all over again of the "rebirth" we each have.

That does bring back that saying "let it all hang out" and gives it a 
new "good vibration" meaning!

George   :>)
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