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[IP] Exercise

When I was on shots, just a month ago.  The following worked for me.  I
made sure to wait two hours at the minimum to avoid the peak of the
insulin.  I would either take one unit less of insulin or eat 12 more
points than I had shot for.  (points = carbs but it sounds more like a
game)  Actually it depended on what the "workout" is.  Walking/aerobics
doesn't seem to lower my bg as much immediately, so I ate 6 extra
points.  However, toning/weight lifting drops me lower so I would eat
12 extra.  Most days I was still on the low end after the hour workout.
 So I generally came right home and ate enough points to
"theoretically" get my bg up to 140 because it continued to lower
noticeably for the next 2 or 3 hours. as always YMMV

Now for the new games:  I have had 2 or 3 lows in aerobics the past
month since the pump, so I am trying to figure out the new way of doing
things.  (I can always tell that I'm low because I can't remember which
step is next - oh wait that is me normal too. :P)  I have been lowering
my basal rate normally .4 at this hour to .1.  Today I just took
Viper(MM508) off for the total time of 1.5 hours.  My sugar was 168
when I took it off and 79 when I reconnected.  I'd like it to be a
little higher.  I can't lower the insulin any lower than 0.0.  Should I
lower the basal or bolus BEFORE exercise?  What works for those of you
are consistant exercisers?  With the pump do I still have to wait for
the 1.5 - 2 peak of the bolus to pass?  How many days of "testing" this
until I can call it a pattern?


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