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Re: [IP] the diabetic label

>I am not diabetic.. I happen to have diabetes.  I REFUSE to be identified by
>my disease. 

I have diabetes.  I am a diabetic.  But if you don't have diabetes, 
then you better be real respectful and call me a Diabetic AND realize 
that I am also much more than that.  But it is a very large part of 
my life and I accept it and have for the past 39.5 years.   Most 
people that use that label are respectful.  The ones that are not I 
tend to just ignore as they are the "ignorant"   If a friend "with 
diabetes" does not wish to be called "diabetic", I will try to honor 
that wish, but if I forget, don't blame me.  Remember, I'm a 
Diabetic!      ;>)

(short term memory loss and all)
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