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Re: [IP] leaving old site in

> just read this post for the first time... CAn you explain better for
> me? Sorry, a little slow, but never heard of this... So when i put
> new site in, i leave old site there for a couple of hours  because
> why?? So the new insulin in the new site doesn't get "absorbed or
> leak out " of the old site hole??? or "cleaned out" by your body
> when you damage the tissue of old site?? i just don't understand...
> sorry, don't mean to be so dense...

When you remove the old site, you expose the "wound". Generally a 
small amount of body fluid will leak out including sometimes some 
insulin which has been infused there. This loss of insulin which you 
"EXPECT" to be absorbed will cause a high. Consider when you prime 
your set how small a 5 unit droplet appears at the tip of the set. 
Loosing a half unit to a unit you would not even see on the skin.

Likewise, if you damage the tissue at all while removing the site, 
your body will naturally try to surpress any damage by cleaning up 
tissue that is hurt, stray blood, etc.... Insulin happens to be an 
unstable molecule and can be caught up in that process and 
easily destroyed. Thats what happens more or less for people that 
have site problems with various insulins and must change more often 
than everyone else.

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