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Re: [IP] Scuba diving

> Hello Megan - 
> I had a letter from my endo when I got my certification.   It stated
> that I was in good control and had no hypogylcemic episodes.   That
> was pre-pump.   I would expect the same thing post-pump would help. 
>  Of course make sure BG is a little higher than usual pre-dive.  

That's not necessarily a good idea. Your temperature regulation 
depends on tissue being able to properly metabolize glucose. When 
you're high it's usually because of insufficent blood insulin levels 
which inhibits this process. Being in the range of 100 - 150 is 
probably ideal for a dive. Of course you must know what your bg's 
tend to do while diving and compensate for that as well. Lily usually 
goes high while diving and typically does an extra unit before 
getting wet. YMMV. If she's not in range she chills quickly, even in 
tropical waters (Hawaii) with a wet suit designed for N. Calif.
diving. If her bg's are OK, she is good to go for a much longer time.
I have to leave my wet suit unzipped in Hawaii or I roast.

> Something I have wondered about, but have not tried is if the little
> squeeze tubes of cake icing would work 

They are not big enough for emergency use. You need the 50 
gram glucose gel tubes if you can get them, 25 minimum. 
Realistically, you will not re-cap these and they are much easier to 
open with the twist tab than the screw tops on cake icing tubes. If 
you wear gloves while diving -- eveybody here does -- the twist tops 
are the only way to go. If you think you are low in the ocean it's 
not time to mess around. You twist the top and do the whole tube 

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