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[IP] Loosing weight when heathy ??

i take 1 unit for 4 carbs.... 1 unit will drop me 20 points (+/-)

so, by some amazing "mathamataticle calculation", 4 carbs should cause a 20 
point change
normally, 4 cabs intake, cause a 20 point rise, but, i guess im not looking 
Now, for the opposite (inverse) affect

so, if i run on a treadmill (understanding, that they're readouts are only 
slightly accurate)
and it says 8 carbs spent .... can i assume, my bs will drop by 40 points 
(more or less) ??

(im not looking for a hard and fast rule)... just, is my thinking correct ??
(my thinking correct ????? beware, those who respond)
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