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Re: [IP] insulin duration MM512

Thanks for sharing, Adele. I was aware of that with the
Cozmo because we had the rep at our support group
earlier this month and he explained that. He had
mentioned how the MM calculated theirs too but all I
remembered from it was that it was taken into the calcs
for 8hrs. BC (before Cozmo) we were calculating unused
insulin using the methods in Pumping Insulin and other
books, which seem to be similar to the way the Cozmo
does it. It worked well for us BC, and now with the
Cozmo, is usually dead on for what we know Shannon
needs. If we factored in each correction (for 8hrs
each) into later corrections, it would be way off
(underestimating) for my daughter who stacks frequent
boluses. That's why I like being able to individualize
that, because it's not being factored in for sooo long,
just for how long *she* needs it to be. We know she
gets no benefit after about 3hrs (because when her
insulin gets disrupted for say 6hrs or so during the
night she wakes up with bgs off the meter, large
ketones, and sometimes doing the technicolor yawn, as
spot puts it.) That 'long tail' doesn't help her at

We know that by resetting that length of action we
aren't just compensating for underbolusing because we
can slap on the glucowatch any time we want to see how
the ratios and basals (which have remained the same
going from HTron to Coz) are working out. :)

The only problem with 'scientific' is that most of us
don't live under scientific, well-controlled lab
conditions which they use to test things like the
insulin action curves. :) (There is indeed a tail but
the effect of the insulin by the end of that 8hrs is so
miniscule as to be almost nonexistent.) You shouldn't
have to compensate for their undercalculations by
changing your ratios or target range etc.

That said, I do agree 100% that either pump is a huge
improvement over what we had before. People just need
to be aware of this difference because they don't do
things exactly the same (as I've heard people say at

Take care, Kerri, mom of Shannon-13 (dx 11/96, pumping
HTron 11/99, pumping Cozmo 8/03) and her 7 siblings :)

Adele said (some snipped):
There isn't a way that she is aware of to reset the
duration of the Humalog. She said it's based on the
degredation curve determined from research. She said
the Deltec pump ability to adjust the length of action
is based on a linear curve, not based on the research.

She said, and studies have shown, that it's common to
undercalculate bolus doses. If you reset the length of
action, you might actually be compensating for

Anyway, MiniMed feels the way they do it is more
scientific. Regardless, you can compensate by
decreasing your target range or increasing
your insulin:exchange ratio. Who knows what's actually
happening in the bod?
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