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Re: [IP] Exercise

 Curves is great. I haven't noticed a change yet, of course I did just start,
but it is very easy and when the half hour is over you feel it. It's about ten
different machines you work out on. They have music playing and it'll tell you
when to switch to the next station. In between each machine you walk in place or
stretch (keep moving). You go around the circuit three times and it takes thirty
minutes to do. You have to keep your heart rate at a certain rate for your age.
Basically the way it works the whole workout tuns into cardio. If you have one
nearbye you should give it a try. I was very sceptical at first but finally went
with a friend and I joined up.

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What do you think of Curves?  And do they have any cardio equipment?

> I have no idea, but today I started working out at curves (30 minute
> and I dropped 86 in that half hour. Thankfully I was at 167 before I
started, so
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