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[IP] insulin duration MM512

Here's a message sent to me from my CDE, thought it might be helpful.

 Lynn from MiniMed called me. There isn't a way that she is aware of to reset
the duration of the Humalog. She said it's based on the degredation curve
determined from research. She said the Deltec pump ability to adjust the length
of action is based on a linear curve, not based on the research.

 She said, and studies have shown, that it's common to undercalculate bolus
doses. If you reset the length of action, you might actually be compensating for
underbolusing. Anyway, MiniMed feels the way they do it is more scientific.
Regardless, you can compensate by decreasing your target range or increasing
your insulin:exchange ratio. Who knows what's actually happening in the bod? I'm
glad there is finally a way- whether it's with the Deltec or MM pumps, to more
consistently bolus. This has been a huge issue for folks in the past. Also,
there's a way to consistently take into affect remaining insulin from previous
boluses- however it's calculated.

 So, that's the MiniMed take on things. This has been helpful for me- I'm
learning too! Never too old, right???

You'll have to keep me posted :)
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