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: Re: [IP] Re: SpectRX

 >>with the Spectra Patch/site, only 5 little pricks instead of
 >>one, & the one needle comes out. ( hee hee :)  Linda K

(this is funny... it seems that there is a word, in the line above  that 
eudora thinks "i should tone down", so as not to offend anyone.....
any wonder why the computer cant even come close, to the human mind)

-ive been watching this item, for a while, but, i have to agree with linda 
(i think)..
im sure (i hope) it will beneficial to some, but, within 30 seconds, i 
usually forget its there..
(and the fear, is, in MY case, always worse then the actual event)
AND, if it does hurt, i simply remember those 1/2 26 gauge needles, and think
"aint so bad"

BTW, i think, its supposed cost less, which may also be beneficial to some.

BTW2, i use that "iv-prep" stuff.... has anyone used both IT, and the 
emla-cream. ??

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