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Re: [IP] Animas Priming Question

As an Animas user, I really don't think a fully primed cartridge/infusion
tubing combination with a usable 300u left in the cartridge is possible.

This would require connecting the tubing to a completely full res. and not
introduce any air bubbles in the process.   You're always going to lose at
lease a tubing's worth of insulin during the priming process in order to remove
all of the air bubbles in the tubing.

When I first started pumping, I filled the cartridges completely and managed
to get around 285u after priming the tubing and that was trying really hard.

I'm curious where you saw info indicating that 315u was possible.

--- email @ redacted wrote:
>  This is probably a stupid question that all the other Animas pumpers know
> how
> to do, but I'm stumped. My Animas info says the reservior will hold 315 units
> of
> insulin, now by looking at the whole thing I am assuming it means that
> reservior
> and tubing holds 315 units .. but by the time I fill and prime I have about
> 275-285 in the reservior .. I would like to be able to head out the door with
> 300 usable units in the reservior as I use an average of 100 units a day and
> it
> would be nice to have it last 3 days without having to top it off before I'm
> done. Could someone please fill me in on how to do that?
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