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[IP] Insulation Duration

I believe I misspoke about the ability to change the  8 hour duration in MM.
After several of you questioned my response saying mine was set to 2 hours
by me, I pulled out my manual, (Had Paradigm 3 weeks) and found the
following statement (page 53) 

"Four to six hours after a bolus, the majority of insulin has been absorbed,
but a very small amount is active for a few more hours.   The Bolus Wizard
automatically calculates this for you and subtracts the appropriate amount.
The details will appear in the Estimate Details screen during the bolus
programming steps.  

"Be assured that the calculated bolus amount is a conservative estimate to
avoid a low BG.  You can override the suggested Bolus Wizard estimate and
manually enter a different amount."

The two hours " Duration"  I set was the length of time for a square wave
bolus to work when I set it.  I could not find anything about 8 hours, but
it seems to me, after reading the above statements in the manual, you are
right.  The setting for how long insulin is active is probably 8 hours.   

Thank you for continuing my education.  I apologize for any confusion I may
have caused.  
Bonnie from Bama
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