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[IP] Re: Obesity and Type 2, CDC

I have heard that too. The reason I say lots of people
think she is really T1b is because she said at one time
that she was on insulin briefly but came off it, using
alternative methods, diet, and exercise to manage it
instead, because she didn't want to be on insulin, or
something along those lines (there was something posted
about this on one of the diabetes lists I'm on a while
back). She very well could be T2 but clinically
speaking, she could just as well be T1b. Since T1b and
T2 behave very similarly and are managed similarly
(especially if one is able to go off insulin with T1b
which can happen), it would be very easy to misdiagnose
one for the other. It happens. Sometimes people are dxd
T2 then later rediagnosed as T1 - which could easily
happen with the slow-onset of LADA. (Please note
though: I am not talking about T2s who have
longstanding diabetes and end up being dependent on
insulin, that happens too but they are still T2.)
Sometimes the clinical picture isn't as clear as you
would think. Not everyone fits neatly into the
classifications and sometimes it is difficult to
ascertain which type a person really is. People do get
misdiagnosed. Doesn't necessarily have to do with a
dr's competence. Hope this answers your questions

This link has been shared here before but I'll share it

Take care, Kerri, mom of Shannon-13 (dx 11/96, pumping
HTron 11/99, pumping Cozmo 8/03) and her 7 siblings :)

Shawna said:
I saw the above info on the internet, but then found
this from www.Accessatlanta.com:

"..........And it's a reason that Berry has been open
about, and discusses freely in the People article: She
is a diabetic, having been diagnosed in 1989 with
adult-onset diabetes, also known as Type 2, which
impairs the body's ability either to produce enough
insulin or to use insulin properly.

"To maintain her energy and prevent complications, she
must test her blood-sugar levels daily -- 'On my
fingers; it's not bad' -- and follow a no-sugar diet.
'I don't eat carbs a lot,' she says, 'mainly because I
don't really like them,' " the magazine story said.

While Berry doesn't dwell on her illness, she uses
attention such as her recent People appearance to be
upfront about her condition. She was diagnosed when she
collapsed on the set of a television show she was doing
years ago, so her condition couldn't really be hidden.

She is also a good example of how, even though obesity
is a trigger for many adult-onset diabetics, not
everyone develops it from being overweight."

Barb said:
<<That's what the consensus seems to be - that Halle
Berry has T1b (when it's been discussed here and on the
CWD list at times.)>>

If that is true (and I'm not saying that it is, or
isn't), why does Halle herself say that she has Type 2
diabetes? Does she have incompetent doctors? I would
think that she would have access to some of the best
doctors around??? Or is she purposefully misleading the
public? And if so, for what purpose? Take your pick of
an answer.

I have heard the words come out of her mouth, that she
has Type 2 diabetes. Source was previously posted to
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