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Re: [IP] RE: SpectRX

I'm reading from Simple Choice Connections news letter I was sent in the 
mail...sent out in July of this year

       "Designed for optimum comfort, the press-on patch has the shortest 
 needles OR soft catheters (2.5mm) of any infusion set available." In other
you will have the choice between needles or catheters, just like now.  Only 
you will have 5 micro sets going instead of just one.  It will be teflon 
catheters OR needles. 
     "One of the features that appealed most to both educators and physicians 
alike, is the exciting 'Any Wear' 350 degree rotation at the site.  During 
the ADA annuall meeting 85% of the attendees surveyed said 360 degree rotation 
was important to reduce kinking and pulling out."

Hope this helps people have a better understanding of this infusion set.

mom to Joshua...anxiously awaiting our sample of this patch....
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